Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Welltech Pulley Cloth Dry Hanger

Welltech Pulley Cloth Dry Hanger is now available in Bangalore, it has six stainless steel rods along with nylon rope.We can adjust cloth drying stainless steel rods 2 lines, 4 lines and 6 lines individually as our wish to install in Balconies, verandas, Bedrooms, etc.,


This type of Cloth Dry Hanger is easily pull up and down with the help of nylon cord and the main benefits of this hanger is, it allows good Ventilation and also the clothes are dry quickly, the color of the clothes will be long lasting.



3rd Cross, Sawmill Road, Saraipalya, Thanisandra Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Phone: +91 906 037 4083

E-mail: info@welltechsystems.com


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