Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Cloth Drying Hangers, Bangalore, India

Welltech Systems cloth drying hanger is fitted to ceiling/roof to conveniently hang your clothes in available space like Utility, Balconies, Veranda, Bedroom & Bathroom etc. Dry your clothes with easy to use, high quality, reliable, attractive pulley type based roof hanger. Benefits are:

  • Enhance beauty of your house by not having to dry clothes outside
  • Gain privacy by drying indoors
  • Free yourself from dependence on the weather
  • Save space in homes with limited drying space
  • Looks tidy, elegant and represents a Luxury item
  • Looks stylish and strong with drying Space – 3 feet to 48 feet
  • Built to last by usage of steel and stainless steel

Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger, Bangalore

Now this type of ceiling hanger is available in Bangalore, further details please contact to the below Address:



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