Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Ceiling Cloth Dry Hangers

Welltech Systems Ceiling Cloth Drying Hangers are made by Stanless Steel Material that attached to your ceiling & walls. It can use in bathrooms, bedrooms, balconies, Varandas, etc.

Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers

Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Balcony Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger

Welltech Systems, Hyderabad designed the Balcony Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger in a unique way which is effective in saving time by providing provision for more number of clothes at a reasonably less space consumption.


Welltech Clothlinesare made of stainless steel pipes, which prevents rusting or oxidation unlike in iron, thus giving it strength and durability. Each individual stainless steel pipe is attached to a pulley for the smooth ascension/dissention, using nylon cord; for hanging them separately as needed.Clothes dry 10 times faster due to the higher levels of temperature near the roof as compared to the floor.

Now this type of ceiling hanger is available in Bangalore, further details please contact to the below Address:


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Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Welltech Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Welltech System Provides Ceiling Cloth Drying hangers, fitted to ceiling/roof to conveniently hang your clothes.It has facility to raise and lower each individual stainless steel on a pulley system using a robust and flexible nylon thread. The clothes dry faster by making good use of the warm air trapped in the ceiling space due to high temperature and let more airflow and sunlight into your apartment and houses.

top up top down welltech ceiling hanger

This ceiling hangers makes it looks great and provides a versatile and sustainable alternative to the traditional dryer hangers. It is also ideal for homes and businesses looking for indoor clothesline with limited where space is at a premium.

Now this type of ceiling hanger is available in Bangalore, further details please contact to the below Address:


Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Welltech Top Down Pulley Cloth Hanger

Welltech cloth drying ceiling rack hanger is made of stainless steel rust proof tubes, along with high quality nylon rope and components.In the conventional cloth drying system, the clothes are damaged in color and life span by the excessive exposure to sun and dust.  But whereas Welltech indoor cloth drying system enables the drying of your clothes using the ceiling temperature in turn protecting its color. Welltech hanger’s offers premier quality which is reliable and long lasting use.

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Welltech Systems’s ceiling hanger, each stainless steel tube is operated individually on a single rope, so that the weight of the wet clothes is distributed on each tube.Now it is aavailable in Bangalore.


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Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Pulley Cloth Drying Hanger

Pulley Cloth Drying Hanger is the ultimate system that is easily available in Bangalore, it is designed in a different way mostly because it takes less space to install which is also a space saver and it is easy to fit inside and outside for drying the wet clothes.


The main feature of the Pulley Cloth Drying Hanger is, the clothes will dry quickly because the system is fixed to the ceiling where the temperature is more.This type of hanger becomes one of the household product.It is available in Bangalore, for any queries contact us on:

Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Modern Ceiling Cloth Drying Hangers

Modern Ceiling Cloth Drying Hangers are well innovatively designed by Welltech Systems, Hyderabad based on the views of the customer.These ceiling cloth drying hanger contains six Stainless Steel rods along with the Nylon rope and is easily fitted to the ceiling as well as to the wall.


This type of ceiling hanger can be available in sizes like 5ft, 6ft, 7ft and 8ft, for every feet it contains 6 stainless steel rods with nylon cord only.It occupies very less space because of this it became one of the household item and can be fitted in balconies,bedrooms,veranda and bathrooms.It can easily pulls down and pulls up with the nylon rope and the stainless steel rods are free from rust, does not effect our clothes.