Welltech Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger

Q)    What is Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger ?

Ans: Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger is manufactured uniquely by welltech systems, Hyderabad which contains 6 stainless steel rods along with the Nylon rope and it can be available in sizes like 5ft, ft, 7ft and 8ft.


The name only says that it can be fitted to the ceiling as well as to the wall and the stainless steel rods are free from rust that does not effect our clothes and also prevent from UV rays, these can be installed in Balconies, veranda, bedrooms and Bathrooms.The main features of Welltech Ceiling Cloth drying Hanger is, it occupies less space and can easily fitted every where in the house and easy to maintain and operate the Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger.